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Phang Nga Bay…

… has one of the most beautiful panoramas that cannot be missed during your holiday in Phuket or Khao lak.

… is about 400m2, and a part of the Andaman Sea.

… is situated between Phuket east coast and the mainland of southern Thailand.

… is since 1981 protected in Ao Phang Nga National Park (part of Phang Nga province).

… has lime stones crags, cliffs and caves – an amazing scenery that has to be experienced. Some crags are small and some as tall as 300m, they are all unique.

… consist of about 48 islands. Some of the islands the center have collapsed and created small lakes and open to the sky. The only way to reach these special lagoons is thru caves, some you can only enter when the tide is low.

… is famous for the mangrove forest that grows here. It is a unique type of trees and vegetation in salty waters that grows along Phang Ngas coast.

Famous locations in
Phang Nga and the Andaman Sea

• James Bond Island – a very unique looking limestone rock. It is about 20 meters tall and the diameter increasing from about 4 meters near the water level and about 8 meters at the top. It became very famous after parts of the movie “The man with the golden gun” was filmed here in 1974. James Bond, starred by Roger Moore was sent after Solex Agitator, a device that can harness the power of the sun. The famous scene that was filmed and Koh Tapu is when James Bond meets the bad guy Scaramanga in a duel to settle the fate of the Solex.

• Koh Panyee – this is a fishing village that is built on pillars. Here lives about 1600 people, mainly working with fishing industy. The little village has a school, a mosque and even their own fotboll team, Panyee FC. When the village decided to invite the tourism they quickly became a popular stop. Many is interested to see their way of living and support the local life here, and not to forget to try their restaurants with fresh seafood.

• Phi Phi Islands – the perfect place for snorkeling, diving and beach life. South from Phang Nga and belongs to Krabi province. Phi Phi consists of two main islands, Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don. It is famous for its fantastic view, crystal clear water and the special places around. For example Viking Cave, that is named after an old painting inside the cave that looks like a Viking ship. The cave is today inhabited of birds called swifts; they make their nest (out of their own saliva) here. The nests are very attractive since they are used in Bird-nest soup, a Chinese delicacy. Also Monkey beach, where wild monkeys can be seen. And the most famous beach, Maya Bay; it is situated at Phi Phi Don and is a beautiful bay with crystal clear water and a white beach. After it was featuring in the movie “The Beach” (from 2000) the interest of many hundreds of visitors every day, who are eager to see the beach where Leornado Di Caprio walked.